Friday, March 1, 2013

An unfortunate hiatus.

To all,

Sadly I've been forced to halt my Battle Cry project for a couple months.  I was hit by divine inspiration in another project, which has now turned into a possible commercial venture.  Unfortunately financial constraints have doubled up my inability to proceed with Battle Cry.

The Good: This project is not dead.  Merely...on hold.  I have all of the models needed to finish the project (with the exception of building Macross which will be a pain in the ass).  In addition, while this and my other project are based on the same original rules idea, the development of the other game will be used to vastly improve Battle Cry.  Game mechanics have been greatly increased, and new ideas underway!

The Bad: I simply have put down the Robotech stuff for a while.  I actually have knocked out a few more models, and have begun teaching myself how to use photo editing software.  As such I've included some images which are upgraded images to be used on mecha cards and such.  I've included some of the finish (edited images) I'll be using for activation cards, etc.

And here are some of the Zentraedi images...the images have been edited to reflect the actual models that I own - allowing for quicker recognition when drawing activation cards etc.

Well guys, I'll be sure to post when my other project gets wrapped up to a point that I can halt on it, and put the finishing touches on the Battle Cry project.  I'm actually quite excited, as several significant rules changes will lead to a much better game!  Sorry for the constant teases of new content!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Update...Don't fret!

Okay, so I've been scarce lately.  Truth be told, I went 150% nuts on the start of this Robotech project that I've burned myself out.  I am thus taking a short break.  That's not precisely true as I've painted up a few more Veritechs and Battle Pods which I haven't posted (just yet).

I've been painting some projects on the side, working on some Pirates and Old West stuff.  It was doing this which prompted some serious rules revisions for Battle Cry.

Thus the entire game/rules will be reviewed.  I discovered some fun rules ideas, and solutions for problems I had been encountering previously.  I may not use them, but I'm going to game a bit and see if they bring more speed and joy to the game.

So, expect a proper update in a week or two - still planning on trying to run a game at Siege of Augusta late January, so that will kick me in the butt to finish some more models.  I'm still here, just taking a bit of a breather!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

More models!

I finished two models tonight, and figured I'd add them.

The first is a fictional "Veteran" or "Ace" Gnerl fighter pod for the Zentraedi.  This will simply serve in scenarios as a special unit, of higher skill etc.  It's a made-up paint scheme but it seems to fit.

Ignore the terrain!  This is stand-in foam-core buildings until I can get some proper stuff built.

Like all Zentraedi mecha...they may be a little easy to kill, but Gnerls pack considerable firepower.

 Comin' to get ya!

The other model is my first Armoured Veritech.  I used a Gashapon VF-1A I'm trying to keep more of the UN Spacy mecha as VF-1A's.  There are far too many officer kits floating around on ebay.  Not enough basic soldiers!
 The paint scheme was made-up, but I ended up absolutely loving the result.  Note the splitting legs...these came apart while it was drying overnight.  I'll be sanding and fitting the other kit to avoid this.

This has long been one of my favorite mecha.  It is scaled rather small though, even for the 1/200 kits. It measures up just alongside a normal Veritech without really being much bulkier etc.

...However, it is still much more appropriate than the gargantuan (by comparison) Gashapon model I had been using.  I am now done with my Gashapon models for UN Spacy stuff --- they will sit in the background and serve as emergency replacements should a model break or disappear.

Overall, a very productive weekend...five models painted.  Havin' fun!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Return of Rick

Just a tiny update.  Finished the trio of models so that I can run a not-Rick Hunter in my games if I choose.  I went with a darker grey...simply because that's the Army Painter I had available.

 The finished VF-1J trio.

You'll note I glued the Gu-11 in "stowage" mode, strapped to the right forearm of the model.  Just for something a bit different.

A repainted Gashapon I finished a couple nights ago.

A close-up of the new VF-1S head applied to one of the older VF-1A models.  Now a proper Roy Fokker as well. 

I've been adding and modifying the rules set a bit.  I added a small section of characters (7-8) from the animated series.  Anyone who might actually pilot mecha, and be used in a game.  They each are given stats, a special rule, and a preferred mecha.  They are not super heroes by any means, simply slightly special characters.

This will allow players to refight some special scenarios if they wish  If I ever have the models and terrain available, this would also enable me to fight a series of battles chronologically through the animated series.

On the table tonight: The first 1/200 Armored Veritech (a VF-1A model), and a special Zentraedi fighter Ace in a Gnerl pod.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

UN Spacy Reinforcements

The latest small update.  As I'm trying to turn away from the pre-painted Gashapon models, I've been painting up some more UN Spacy units which have quickly become overwhelmed by Zentraedi models!

The last few models, from left to right: Tomahawk destroid, VF-1S Veritech, Tomahawk destroid, and VF-1J Veritech in guardian mode.

After re-watching the animated series several times, I realized that Skull Squadron is predominantly normal "brown" Veritechs and only Roy Fokker's VF-1S is in the Skull livery.  I've thus, kicked one of the previous VF-1A's to the curb, and converted one over to Roy's own VF-1S.  Unfortunately this leaves me with a couple of wasted models.  I'll cope.

Two UN Spacy Tomahawk destroids.  I edited the mecha cards for these units, as they became a bit too powerful in the previous playtesting.  They've been toned down a tad.

I'm sidelining the Gashapon figures.  While nicely painted, they are poor scale.  Also, I'd prefer all of my models to share the same (albeit somewhat poor...) paint style.  I paint my models quite quickly, and have never been a great painter...but they get the job done and don't insult the players too badly!
You can see the Gashapon Tomahawk on the right is really about 1/144 scale, and not the 1/200 scale that all of the other models share.  The armoured Veritechs are likewise being replaced by proper 1/200 scale models.

On the work bench...

  • Several Super Veritech models
  • Several Armoured Veritech models
  • A couple of more Spartan destroids
  • Six more Regult pods
  • One MkII Monster destroid
  • One Quel-Quallie recon ship 


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Convention Report: Southern Front

Southern Front, Raleigh, NC - 2012

 Not a bad roll, when you need a 5 or 6...

This is a rehash of some information I put out previously.  Prior to Southern Front in Raleigh, NC, I had only gamed Battle Cry with myself and my brother.  This convention (it's a great one by the way, run by Triangle Simulation Society twice a year) gave me an opportunity to playtest with people I didn't know.

I cobbled together a bunch of foam-board buildings (terrain is the last major hurdle I have to finish) and set up a quick table, with a reasonable dense city-scape for both games.  While I was too stupid to snap any pictures (busy as the GM), some guys from a facebook group I'm in snapped a few.

Zentraedi Regult Pods - the yellow tokens indicate that the pods have been activated, the red indicate that they've moved over 10" and are "fast", making them slightly harder to hit.
What did I learn?
  1. Both games were won rather handily by the UN Spacy players.  I believe I had too many mecha on the UN Spacy side.  The fights started off close, but the UN Spacy mecha proved to be too robust.  I have since dropped a couple of hitpoints from most of the mecha (even some Zentraedi).
  2. I found that speed was too huge of an advantage, so I have adapted this rule...and will playtest the new version shortly.
  3. Players picked up on the rules very quickly (minus the minutia).  In fact in the two games, I had some of the same players, who were able to already describe and teach their teammates how to play.  Within 2-3 turns each game, the players all have a very reasonable understanding of the rules - that's precisely what I was hoping.
  4. A handful of the action cards were not very worthwhile, and players would sit on them.  I have enhanced them, trying to make all of the cards appealing in certain aspects.
  5. Most importantly the players had fun...and the games played out brilliantly.
  6. I found the game lagged just slightly in the "killing folks" realm.  Changing some of the speed rules, and dropping armour a bit on most units means the game should speed up just a bit.  Even though I was teaching, the games took perhaps 20-30% longer than I hoped - both games ended with one side forfeiting when it became hopeless.
  7. The mecha cards (you can see them in the first picture) worked very well, and were easily understood.
  8. All in all, there were a handful of things I tweaked, or hadn't thought of - but no major game-breaking issues arose during play.  The revised action decks, mecha etc. will make their appearance at Siege of Augusta in Augusta, GA in January (a convention I'm hoping to attend).

Guardian Veritechs on the prowl.
Quel-Regults (Scout Pods) became a huge deal, radar locking numerous UN Spacy mecha - making it significantly easier for artillery pods to strike them with missiles.
Highlight of the Games: With some of the luckiest dice rolling I've seen, in the second game one of the UN Spacy players placed an off-board artillery barrage which managed to cover 5 battle pods which were standing near each other.  The UN Spacy player then rolled just enough damage to destroy all five pods in a single barrage.  It easily turned the entire second game...destroying 1/3 of the Zentraedi models on the board.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Progress Schmogress

Apologies ahead of camera sucks.

I gathered my current models together and tried to take some better pictures...with mediocre results.  However, here is a quick break down of the models I have completed.  Note that some are place-holders until more appropriately scaled models are purchased.

Five Veritech mecha in fighter mode.

Zentraedi Gnerl (Fighter Pods).  Lightly armored the fighter pods must use speed to avoid being shot to ribbons.  Flying fast, these pods often gather attention immediately.

Two Skull Squadron Veritechs in guardian mode.

Two Veritechs in guardian mode.

The battloid mode Veritechs - these four are all VF-1A's.

Each Veritech in the game is fully capable of transforming into any mode.  While an awesome play mechanic, giving UN Spacy players a cool trick up their sleeve...producing three models for each unit makes this expensive and annoying sometimes. 

Two Spartan destroids.  Note that one is equipped with a Gu-11 gun pod.  Spartans are tougher than other destroids, and shine in close combat.

Two Defender destroids - a vital asset to UN Spacy players because their cannons are "Tracking" which means they ignore enemy speed modifiers.  This makes them deadly against flying Zentraedi units.

Two Gashapon (Japanese/Chinese vending machine toys) Armored Veritechs.  These will be replaced as they are slightly out of scale (more akin to 1/144th scale)

More out of scale Gashapon units, Tomahawk destroids this time.  I have Nichimo kits to replace these and the armored Veritechs - just have to assemble and paint them!  Tomahawks are absolutely devastating when their particle cannons find their mark - capable of eliminating almost any Zentraedi unit in a single attack.

A quick sampling of the primary Regult units for the Zentraedi (From left to right: Recon, Soldier, Light Artillery, Heavy Artillery).  The pods work best when fighting together.  Artillery pods benefit heavily from Recon pods which are able to radar track units (significantly increasing missile attacks).

Queadluun-Rau or female power armour.  These are Gashapon but they scale perfectly to the game.  Fast, well armored, and loaded to the hilt with short range weaponry, these are possibly the most dangerous Zentraedi unit - particularly when piloted by a Veteran or Ace pilot.

Nousjadeul-Ger, or male power armour.  Great in close combat, and armed with a particle cannon, this unit is often underappreciated, but can be a tough combatant.

Two Glaugs, or officer pods.  Fast, versatile, reasonably well armoured, and armed to the teeth, the Glaug is nothing to scoff at.  It carries beam cannons, defensive lasers, missiles, and a particle beam cannon - allowing it to dish out serious pain.

On the desk...

Sitting on or near my work desk are a number of kits.  I have almost everything needed to flush out the game, with a few minor exceptions.  I have no access to Zentraedi infantry models in a proper scale, nor do I have access to a Phalanx in a proper scale.  I will be scratch building Phalanxes, and may try to find a decent proxy to sit in for the Zentraedi infantry.
Up next for building are some officer Veritechs, followed by Super Veritechs, replacement Armoured Veritechs and Tomahawks, then more Regult pods.  When the "normal" models are all finished - then I will crack open my Quel-Quallie and Monster kits.  These two mecha are gigantic, and bring a whole new element to the game.


I will be registering for Siege of Augusta in Augusta, GA in mid-January.  If you're going, keep an eye out for my games.  I hope to have a number of more models done .  I will be playtesting a bit with my brother to see if my slight rules revisions have increased the game's playability.
Thanks for looking!